Zen and the Art of Frisbee Freestyle

Besorge dir das Frisbee Freestyle Lehrvideo Zen and the Art of Frisbee Freestyle. In diesem Video wird alles erklärt. Wenn du gut werden willst, kommst du nicht um dieses Video herum. Tolle Aufnahmen aus dem Central Park in New York mit einem klasse Soundtrack. Schritt für Schritt Erklärungen aller Würfe und Tricks. Das Video kann man bei www.frisbeeshop.de bestellen.

One of the main goals I have, when I do all sports is to sustain that moment when you loose track of time because you're so wrapped up in the activity you are doing. If you've done any sport, even semi seriously, you felt it! Well, flow is the way to sustain that moment in freestyle. Flow is what happens, when the momentum of the discs movement and of your bodys movement is unbroken. You keep the momentum going between the catch and the throw and between the exchange of you and your partner. Flow is the way to get into the soul. When you're flowing, you and your partner are not just doing your own thing while the other waits for their turn. You actually feel connected. Flow is where everything else disappears, when you become what you're doing. It's when everyone watching you forgets where they are. It's the real art of freestyle! aus dem Video 'Zen and the Art of Frisbee Freestyle'





































"Warning! ..." (erste Texteinblendung)
Intro / Spencer Bradley

When the student is ready the master appears. - Buddhist proverb
Krae van Sickle


The one who is good at shooting does not hit the target. - Zen saying
Basic Throws: Backhand, Hyzer, Wrist Flip, Chicken Wing, Sidearm

When a ball dreams, it dreams it's a frisbee. - Stancil Johnson
Theory: Wing, Parachute, Gyroscope

Spencer takes time out to share with others

Catch the vigorous horse of your mind. - Zen saying
Basic Catches: Trailing Edge Catches, Turn away under the arm Catch, Turn away over the shoulder Catch, Cross body between the legs Catches, Same side under the leg Catches, Flamingo Catch, Behind the back Catch, Chair Catch, Behind the head Catch, Dragon Catch, One handed Dragon

What is the shortest distance between catch and throw?
Theory: Flow!, Flow Catch Throw Combinations

How can you think and hit at the same time? - Yogi Berra
Training: Split Disc, Three Disc Juggling

Footage: Wham-O World Juniors Frisbee Championships


Easy is right. Begin right and you are easy. Continue easy and you are right. The right way
to go easy is to forget the right way and forget that going is easy. - Huang-Tzu
Advanced Catches
Scissors Kick Catches: Same Side, Cross Body, Wheel Kick
Deflection Catches: Behind the Back, Chair, Cross Body Under the Leg
Lacer Catches: Lacer, Leg Raised Lacer, Figure Four (Bretzel Catch), High Lacer
Osis Catches: Behind the Back Osis, Chair Osis, Flamingosis
Triple Fake Catches: Two Handed Triple Fake Behind the Head, One Handed Triple Fake Behind the Head, Triple Fake, Phlaud, Flamingitus, Gitus, Indigenous, Extraneous, Flying Gitus
Blind Catches: Yoga Catch, Jazz Catch, Scarecrow Catch
Off a Throw Catches: Twisto Flex Behind the Back, Exploding Star, Hammer Flamingosis, Hammer Flamingitus

When the many are reduced to one to what is the one reduced? - Zen Koan
Catching Drill

Spencer takes time out to share with others...again.

Just play!

Quiz Solution

Advanced Throws
Zzz Throws: Air Bounce, Underhand, Overhand, Inflip, Hyperbash
Behind the Back Backhand, Sidearm Under the Leg, Zen Wrist Flip
Upside Down Throws: Backhand Upside Down Throw, Two Finger Throw, Upside Down Thumb Throw


Just Throws & Catches

Footage: Freestyle Tournaments

In walking just walk. In sitting just sit. Above all, don't wobble. - Yun Men
Advanced Manipulations
Clock/Counter, Wind, Tip/ Tap, Tipping Combinations, Self Spin

Nail Delay: Fake Nails, Silicone, Zzzs, Center Delay, Rim Delay

Nail Delay: Swoops, Zing, Delay Passes & Pulls

What is the color of the wind? - Zen Koan
Airbrush, Psycho Bash

Footage: "The Joey File" Airbrush

Body Rolls, Back Roll

Spin, Drill, ...

Co-Oping, Footage: Coloradicals


Footage: Central Parc New York

A monk brought two potted plants to his Master. "Drop it", ordered his Master. The monk dropped one pot. "Drop it", again ordered the Master. The monk let the second pot go. "Drop it", now roared the Master. The monk stammered: "But I have nothing to drop". "Then take it away". - Zen Parable
End Titles

The End

Die Musik

Tetragrammation - 'Submerge'
+ Ephedream
+ Carbon
+ Active Code
+ Turn The Screw

Lazy Boy - 'Amnesia'
+ Curb Urchin
+ The Mole
+ Latin Quarter
+ Theme From Headtrader
+ Junction City

Liminal Lounge - 'Pre-Set'
+ Pre-Set #1
+ Pre-Set #2
+ Hush

Liminal Nosferatu - 'Knitting Factory Works'
+ Weeds

Third Person - 'Knitting Factory Works' (Knitting Factory Sampler)
+ Moro Reflex

Gritty Kitty - 'Mistaking Airplanes For Stars'
+ Radio Towers
+ Rock City

Bass X Thick - 'Alamo Pipe Productions'
+ Kazak
+ Watsammata
+ Dark Desert Hwy
+ Stick & Move

Slow Roosevelt - 'Starving St. Nick'
+ Face Down In A Pillow

Buck Jones - 'Shimmer'
+ Aged
+ Underground Crown

Doosu - 'Quick Bionic Arms'
+ Precious

Doosu - '... So Called Cupboard's Bare'
+ Lonely Winter Thing