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Aerial - das Fangen der Scheibe mit allen Gliedern in der Luft

Links: Jeff Kruger's aerial utl - Rechts: Dave Murphy's aerial flip catch (Foto: Jamie Chantiles www.JamcoNation.com)

Against - Abkürzung für "against the spin" (gegen die Drehung). Against the spin is the action of moving your delay against the disc's natural precession. In physics, precession is defined as the motion of the axis of a spinning body, such as the wobble of a spinning top, when there is an external force acting on the axis. I've always preferred the term contranatural because moving against the spin is moving contra to the natural precession of the spin state. Contranatural pulls are obviously more difficult and therefore more highly respected among jammers.

Airbounce - das Phänomen einer im Flug aufsteigenden Scheibe, dass noch immer den zufälligen Freestyler Zuschauer verwundert. Das Prinzip ist eigentlich ganz einfach: der Werfer wirft die Scheibe mit einem aufgestelltem Winkel leicht nach unten. Die Scheibe fällt zuerst nach unten, doch der Auftrieb bringt die Scheibe wieder nach oben, so dass sie am Anfang der Flugbahn wie auf Luft aufspringt ("bounces off the air"). Jim Palmeri zufolge wurde diese Technik zuerst vom Frisbee Genie John Kirkland demonstirert. Was mich betrifft erreicht man mit der Unterseite-nach-unten Version des Weyand Dream Throws (ein mit der Backhand verwandter Über der Schulter Wurf) den besten Airbounce. Ich habe mit der Weyand Technik Airbounces geworfen, die bis wenige Zentimeter auf den Boden kommen, bevor sie wieder auf Kopfhöhe aufsteigen.

Airbrush (Brush) - striking the disc tangentially on the outside rim while it is floating in the air, usually to add spin. By adding spin, the flying disc will remain aerodynamically stable. Airbrushing is normally done with the palm or fingers of the hand, but the foot, knee, leg and arm are also effective tools for an airbrush. Airbrushing is one of the most prevalent things you will see at a freestyle tournament, show or casual jam. The invention of the technique is generally attributed to the legendary Kerry Kolmar with enhancements contributed by Dan Roddick. Jim Palmeri tells a great story about witnessing one of the earliest episodes of a running airbrush series performed by Dan Roddick. It was obviously epiphanic enough to be "burned on Jim's retinas forever." I had a similar revelation in watching Craig "Captain C" Smith perform his magical gentle airbrush techniques from a variety of postures in the light sea breezes at Palm Park in Santa Barbara. Captain C jams with a 133 gram Wham-O, rarely delays and yet manages to control the angles and spin with remarkable ease.

Der Picasso des Airbrush: Captain C (Foto: Jamie Chantiles www.JamcoNation.com)

Alien birth ritual - wartet noch auf eine Definition von Kevin Givens

Amphibian - An against the spin rim shoot ending in the phlaerd position. The clockwise spinning disc goes under and over the right leg using the right hand. The rim shoot propels the disc forward to another player or your next impossible move. From the synaptically enhanced cranium of Arthur Coddington. You can see a visual portion of this move over the definition of "phlaerd."

Arbitrariness/Arbitration (see padiddle) - Allowing the disc (which is in an extremely low spin state) to pass in an arbitrary path across the body or to be brushed or struck arbitrarily (like a third world brush but not rotating consistently against the gyro axis) thereby greatly reducing the likelihood of a clean catch or resumption of control. From the mind of John Anthony, member of the Kitsiliano Khoastal Khats, a freestyle group influential in the development of the art of disc "padiddling".

Arloohi - ein naher Verwandter des Triple Leg. Der Name ist eine Abkürzung für 'Right Leg Out Over to Handstand Indigenous'. When done with a clockwise delay, lift the right leg out and over the disc as you set it into the air, then execute a slice handstand as you sweep both legs (right leg first) over the disc while it settles back to a right hand delay. The indigenous part comes from the left leg sweeping over the disc as it falls to the right hand delay.

Arvand (Lacer) - originally this was the name of a combination, i.e. a sweep behind the back to a stretched out lacer. Now the term is used as an alternative name for the lacer catch, a flamingo in which the arm goes from the inside (front) of the calf for the catch. The Arvand combination, when done by Don Rhodes, was a catch with perfect form.
See Jamie Chantiles do a triple spin lacer

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