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Backhand - a frisbee throw that resembles a backhand tennis stroke. This is the throw that almost all beginning players use.
Learn to throw a backhand

Back roll - a body roll in which the disc rolls across the back of one arm, the back of the shoulders, then the back of the other arm. San Diego jammer Peter Laubert makes this move look so fluid and continuous that you would swear that the disc is glued to his arms.
See a backroll video

Links: Randy Silvey backrolling (Foto: Bob Boulware) Rechts: Chip Bell backrolling (Foto: Jamie Chantiles)

Bad attitude - a contortion catch in a posture that is also seen in ice skating. Nicole Bobek has a beautiful bad attitude. To do a bad attitude posture, reach back with your right hand and pull your right leg up behind you by holding your ankle. I have heard a lot of talk about which freestyler had the best form. The above photograph of 1979 FPA champion Sue Strait's bad attitude answers that question once and for all. Look at the line between her standing leg and the foot of her contorted leg, Sue is the standard against which any freestyler's form should be measured.

Links: Dan Yarnell's Bad Attitude Catch - Rechts: Tom Leitner shooting a Bad Attitude (Foto: Jamie Chantiles)

Links: Tom Leitner delaying a Bad Attitude (Foto: Jamie Chantiles) - Rechts: Sue Strait (Foto: unbekannt)

Barrel - this aerial catch is similar to an aerial flamingo with two important distinctions. First, the player must pirouette his body aerially on a near horizontal axis instead of spinning on a vertical axis. Second, to qualify as a barrel, the catch must be made "palm up, with the disc over the knee." Take a look at the photo of FPA Champion Ted Oberhaus and notice that how his hand is oriented in just this manner. Ted is a master of maintaining form during multiple pirouette catches and was honored by Kevin Givens in the Skippy Sez Awards as the "best form player of the 1990's decade."

Ted Oberhaus in the midst of a Barrel (Foto: Jamie Chantiles)

Bash - a forceful or aggressive style of airbrushing that is intended to add spin to the disc in preparation for moves that require more spin

Body roll - A staple of freestyle, this move requires that you roll the disc on it's outside edge from one hand to the other across your chest. To be done properly, the disc should touch every point of your body in rolling from one hand to the other. Normally, the arm from which the roll is generated is higher than the arm receiving the roll. A clockwise roll starts with the left arm higher than the right arm, as evidenced by the photo of Mark Blakemore. Consecutive body rolls are one of most visually magnetic parts of freestyle and require tremendous amounts of practice. I saw Darryl Allen do 30+ consecutive body rolls and that image is still fused in my brain.

Mark Blakemore macht eine Body Roll mit Clockwise Spin (Foto: Mark Blakemore)

BTB - Abkürzung für Behind The Back - Hinter dem Rücken

Steve Hanes BTB Delay (Foto: Jamie Chantiles)

BTH - Abkürzung für Behind The Head - Hinter dem Kopf. The behind the head restriction has a wide range of applications as evidenced by the photographs above.

Links: Dan Yarnell BTH catch, Mitte: Larry Imperiale BTH cuff deflection, Rechts: Randy Silvey BTH rim pull (Fotos: Jamie Chantiles)

BTL - Abkürzung für Between The Legs - Zwischen den Beinen

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