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Extraneous - See Indigenous. Kevin Given's version of the Extraneous is an aerial phlaud (see Chandelierious) with a supinated catching hand, i.e. the palm is pointed upwards.

Figure Four (see Grapevine) - another name for a modified grapevine posture. So named because the body forms the number 4 during the posture. There is some disagreement as to whether a figure four is actually the same thing as a grapevine. A figure four posture has the same arm and leg contortion as a grapevine, but the thigh of the contortion leg is level or pointed down toward the ground instead of being angled upward. The above photo is a rather poor version of the posture - the contortion leg should not be bent so much that the thigh is closed on the calf.

Juice is loose (Foto: Steve Hanes)

Filet of sole - an airbrush done with the bottom of the foot while the leg is extended up in front of the player's body. The name is derived from using the sole of your foot to strike the disc. See Dan Yarnell do a Filet of Sole

Links: Pipo Lopez's filet of sole - Rechts: Joel Roger's filet of sole (Fotos: Jamie Chantiles)

Flamedot - this is an aerial catch in a grapevine posture. The player leaps into the air and catches the disc with the catching arm in a grapevine posture, i.e. the arm goes under the leg from the inside out and the lower arm is over the lower calf.

Flamingo - a one legged posture catch that is named because the posture resembles the famous water fowl.

Links: Kate Dow's flamingosis (Foto: Jamie Chantiles) - Rechts: Rik Downs' flamingo (Foto: Paul Kenny)

Flembouyant - an aerial phlaud with the hand in the palm down catching position, as created by Kevin Givens.

Flight rings - see Lines of Headrick

Floorpie - a one handed turnover done while doing a half pirouette flamingo. Here is how to do it with vertical counter: Hold the disc out in front of your chest with your right hand so that the disc is vertically oriented. The disc underside must point toward your chest and the disc topside must point into the wind. Throw the disc up vertically with counter spin. As the disc falls back to the earth, pirouette to your left and do a flamingo on your left leg. Reach behind your left leg with your left hand and hook your delay nail in the rim of the disc just before it hits the ground. The pirouette motion will help with the turnover motion. The disc will follow a turnover path similar to a left hand curtsy turnover. It is much easier to view the video of a floorpie, than understand the move from the text of this description. The move is named for an episode of the Simpsons in which Homer discovers a piece of pie on the floor and reacts to his good fortune with the exclamation of "Floorpie!" Dan Yarnell and I discovered this turnover while trying different permutations of the curtsy turnover.

Flow - Flow is that magical quality of freestyle that lingers in the consciousness of a jammer long after the jam is over. It is the fluidity, beauty and organic feel of a routine, single move or player. Every freestyler searches and trains desperately to improve their flow. If you ever had the pleasure of seeing the Velasquez Brothers or the Coloradicals, then you know what flow is. It is the seamless, fluid integration of tricks, throws, catches and catch postures. It is a gestalten quality that is readily identifiable, but hard to quantify or explain. Suffice it to say, if someone says "your routine had great flow," then you have been paid a huge compliment.

Fluff - 1. Striking the disc with the forearm(s) in a manner similar to a volleyball forearm block.
2. Using low impact, low difficulty choreography in a freestyle routine. The derision targeted at "fluff" routines is similar to the scorn directed at players who rely on "the's." (see the)

Forehand - a frisbee throw that resembles the forehand stroke in tennis or the sidearm pitch. Learn to throw a forehand

Frank'n - a term initially used to describe the stiffness and sore muscles from an intense jam. The term is also used an insult to describe stiff, uninteresting play. It is derived from the stiff movement of the Frankenstein monster.

Frisbee greed - a combination that is greedily extended to a drop instead of being summarily caught.

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