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Die folgenden Definitionen und Bilder wurden mir von Steve Hanes ( www.gitishome.com) zur Verfügung gestellt. Danke!

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Handplant - a move that requires the player to stand on his hand(s). Buddy Adams is doing a slice. This involves setting the disc up in the air off a delay, executing a handstand and sweeping both legs over the disc as it descends to either a catch or a delay continuation. Buddy is an extremely physical player who performs a variety of handplant and body slam catches.

Buddy Adams doing a slice - Amy Bekken getting vertical - Ted Oberhaus getting funky (Fotos: Jamie Chantiles)

Headrick - see Lines of Headrick

Helicopter (Scarecrow) - this term was originally used to describe the scarecrow catch posture. Krae Van Sickle originated the catch by extending both arms horizontally while executing the catch. Nowadays, the scarecrow posture only requires that the catching arm be extended horizontally. The helicopter term is now more commonly used to describe a vertical thumber throw.

Hyzer - hold a disc flat out in front of you. Now lower the left side of the disc. This is the hyzer angle. It is the angle from the left to right, or right to left side of the disc. A disc's stability rating is normally determined by the hyzer angle at throw release. During flight, a disc is spinning and therefore one side of the disc is moving into the wind faster than the other side. This results in a lift difference due to the Bernoulli principle - lift is dependent on the speed of the air moving over the airfoil surface. The lift difference causes the disc to turn over during flight. Disc turnover is the bane of straight flight.

The Hyzer angle (Foto: Steve Hanes)

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