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Die folgenden Definitionen und Bilder wurden mir von Steve Hanes ( www.gitishome.com) zur Verfügung gestellt. Danke!

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Scarecrow (Helicopter) - a blind catch with the arm extended straight out from the body. The term is derived from the posture of a scarecrow. In order for the catch to be truly blind, the arm must be angled backward and you must be looking in the opposite direction. Note the angle of the left arm in the photos above. The move was created by Krae Van Sickle.

Paul Chantiles catching a scarecrow (Foto: Steve Hanes) - Sune Wentzel catching a scarecrow (Foto: Jamie Chantiles)

Scissorkick - a restricted kick performed by lifting one left and kicking under it with the foot of the other leg. Notice that Jamie is kicking with his right foot under his left leg. This kick requires good leaping skills and fast leg movement. The footbag clipper kick is a close cousin of the scissorkick.

JamCo scissorkicking (Foto: Christina Psyllas)

Shoot (Rim shoot) - a rim shoot is done by forcing the disc out into the wind from a delay. While delaying the disc, move your delay nail from the center of the disc into Toejam's Recess and push the disc away from you.

Arthur Coddington doing a BTB shoot (Foto: Ake Vinberg)

Silicone spray - see slick

Skid - a delay technique wherein the delay nail slides across the surface of the disc instead of moving with the precession of the disc's spin. Sometimes I can't tell a skid from an "against the spin" move, but jammers who do both can readily distinguish between the two. In the above photo, Arthur has his left hand in the disc's rim and the disc is spinning clockwise. Normally a clockwise spinning disc would precess away from his hand, but he will pull against the rim, sliding his nail along the underside surface and bring the disc toward his body, thus performing a skid.

Arthur Coddington in the midst of a left hand skid against the disc's clockwise spin (Foto: Jamie Chantiles)

Skip - a skip is a throw that ricochets off the ground and returns to flight. In order to skip your throw off the grass, you must exaggerate the hyzer angle so that the disc strikes the ground at a high angle on the skip side of the disc. If you throw the disc so that the roll side hits the ground, then the disc will roll along the ground after impact. The skip side is opposite the roll side. For a right handed backhand, the skip side is the left side of the disc.
See Lee Harper throw a skip right at you

Skip side - The side of the disc that causes it to skip off the ground when the disc is throw with the proper hyzer angle. For a right handed backhand, the skip side is the left side of the disc.

Slick (Silicone spray) - the spray used by a jammer to make his/her flying disc slick but dry. The de facto favorite is Krylon, accept no substitutes. Sometimes hard to find, Krylon is usually available at your local hardware store. Buy some, spray it on the top and underside of your disc, give it a good wipe to spread it evenly over the disc's surface and crank some spin to your buddy. If you can't find any silicone spray, then you can use Armour All liquid as a substitute. Rub it on the disc evenly, but don't overdo it. The disc should be nearly dry to the touch.

The stuff you need (Foto: Steve Hanes)

Solonoyed - Have you ever hung out at the park soloing for 2 or three hours, waiting for your partners to show up. You jam, you wait, you get annoyed. That feeling of irritation is called solonoyed, a play on the term solenoid (an electromechanical switch).

Staker - an interesting frisbee throw that resembles the card throwing technique used by the author Ricky Jay in his wonderful book, “Cards As Weapons.” My friend, Steve Haire was a master of the card throwing discipline. World Champion Randy Silvey uses a throw that is modification of the card throwing/staker technique. I've never learned where the staker gets its' name, but I've always loved the throw because of the casual release.
Learn to throw a staker

Sweep (Swoop) - a sweep is a rim delay that takes the disc from one side of the body to the other during the rim delay. So named because you are sweeping your arm during the move. The BTL Sweep is a standard in freestyle, it is a rim delay that sweeps the disc behind the back from one side to the other.

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