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Wedge - normally a backhand throw in which the disc is not gripped by the hand, but rather it is wedged between the tips of the fingers and the muscles of the lower arm, usually the brachioradialis and flexor carpi radialis. The throw is described and photographed in the wonderful book "Frisbee by the Masters" by Charles Tips. I don't recall seeing an OWF wedge, but it is biomechanically possible.

Weyand Dream throw - an over the shoulder backhand throw with the disc released in a upside down orientation. This throw came to it's legendary inventor John "Z" Weyand in a dream, much like the manner in which the structure of benzene was discovered by Kekulé . Kekulé dreamed of a snake turning and biting it's tail, thus giving him the hint of benzene's circular structure. The Weyand Dream throw is intriguing because it illustrates the peculiar nature of human inspiration and it's upside down orientation seems to belie the lift generated by the throw's release. Also, Z and Victor Malafronte were the very first freestyle team and inspired legions of subsequent jammers during the 1970's.

Whipover - (see turnover) a northwestern jammer term for the turnover.

With - (see against) a rim pull in which the delaying hand moves with the precession of the disc. With pulls are generally regarded as easier than against pulls.

Wiper - Jamie Chantiles' term for an upside down rim pull. Upside down rim pulls are normally done with the top of the disc facing the wind. This insures that the force of the wind presses on the disc and keeps it on your nail during the rim pull.
See Jamie Chantiles do a series of wipers to an UD gitis

Yogi - ein "with the spin" sweep hinter dem Rücken, dem ein skid shoot unter dem Arm und Ellbogen mit der anderen Hand in den Wind folgt.

Wo Jammer gerne einkaufen (Foto: Gregg Hosfeld)

Z (Zees, Zzzz, Z's) - eine Beschreibung der Drehgeschwindigkeit einer Frisbee. Wenn du hörst, dass ein Spieler dir sagt, dass dein Wurf viele Z's hat, dann macht er dir ein Kompliment über deine Fähigkeit, die Frisbee mit viel Drehung zu werfen.

Zmachine - Die Zmachine ist ein von von John S. Thorne (Cadmatics, Kalifornien) entwickeltes, batteriebetriebenes Gerät, mit dem man eine Frisbee auf maximalen Spin (ca. 1500 Drehungen pro Minute) beschleunigen kann (Clock oder Counter). Das ist ungefähr das doppelte von dem, was ein Profi per Hand an Spin anwerfen kann. Es ist auch möglich einen Laptop an die Zmachine anzuschliessen, so kann genau die Drehgeschwindigkeit gemessen werden und es ist so auch möglich den Spin einer selbst angedrehten Frisbee zu messen! Mit 750$ leider etwas teuer... www.zmachine.com

Grosses Bild

"The Zmachine running at full speed can be dangerous, especially to children who do not understand the amount of energy that can be stored in something that appears to be standing still!"

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